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Strategic Financial Advisory

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Strategic Financial Advisory
Strategic Financial Advisory for Public Sector

VACE Partners is well positioned to provide its clients, in both public and private sectors, first hand advisory and a wide range of financial and strategic alternatives to solve their financial needs.

VACE Partners’ common advice include:

  • Strategic growth and expansion planning through the acquisition of profitable assets
  • Analysis of possible strategic alliances (Joint – Ventures) in all sectors and industries in Mexico
  • Optimal capital structure determination to identify opportunities for refinancing or capitalization
  • Distressed liabilities restructuring via comprehensive programs
  • Development of strategic and business plans for growing companies whose objective is to access the financial markets via debt or equity issuances

Strategic Financial Advisory for Public Sector

VACE Partners has worked with the Mexican Government, through advisory to public institutions as well as to State and Municipal Governments, to help them optimize their public finances and incentivize infrastructure investment.

The ample experience and knowledge of the team of bankers at VACE Partners offers a competitive advantage due to the combination of our international, financial and strategic vision, along with the public sector experience of some of its members. This allows VACE to provide different strategies and ideas to the operating models in the public sector in order to optimize the decision making as well as resource management and allocation.




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